3 Ways to Secure a Promotion

No matter how long you have been working at your current job, it is essential that you always be on the lookout for securing a promotion. Sure, you might not get one right away, but you should always put forth your best effort so that one day down the line you can work your way up to a higher-paying position. Even if money is not a big deal to you, working your way up is a great way to boost your confidence and show your employer that you truly care about the company you are working for. Let’s take a quick look three ways to secure a promotion.

Prove your problem-solving capabilities

One of the best ways to secure a promotion is to prove to your employer that you can solve the common issues that the company faces. More importantly, you should be able to pinpoint problems before they occur and develop effective solutions for making sure they do not become a reality. Showing your employer you are a problem solver shows them you care about the company and its well being. 

Always show up early

Even if it’s only five to 10 minutes early, being early to work is vital to landing a promotion. If you show up late or call in frequently, this is a huge red flag to any employer that you are not deserving of a promotion. 

Apply for open positions

How can your employer know you are interested in being promoted if you never apply for any of the higher up open positions. Even if you don’t have the qualifications, applying for these positions is a great way to let your employer know you are wanting to move up.