Best Jobs for People Who Love to Chat

The best job match for you will align with your natural talents, personality and innate abilities. When you find a job that utilizes your natural traits, you’ll be happier doing it. Studies show that those who work at jobs they love are more successful than those who don’t. If you are a person who enjoys chatting to others, for example, there are many jobs where that trait could really pay off. Are you a talker? Here are four jobs where your gift for gab will way off.

Customer Sales Representative

As a customer sales rep, you would take calls from prospective new customers or you might make calls to people. You would use sales techniques to try and persuade people–with talking–to buy your company’s product. To be a successful sales rep, you must enjoy talking and understand how to engage others in conversation.


An auctioneer stands behind the podium during an auction and describes items up for sale at an auction house. The items being auctioned can range from precious coins, to one-of-a-kind paintings, to real estate. You would then manage the live bids that come in from the members of the audience. Your whole work day would be spent speaking in front of a crowd.

Party Emcee

As a party emcee, you would be working parties and  trying to get people excited about being at the party. You might announce new guests, announce the bands, or organize party games for the crowd. You would have a microphone in your hand or as a headset all night long, while you narrate the night’s events.

Book Narrator

Many publishers make audio books available to blind people through narrated books. As a book narrator, you would work inside a sound booth, reading books aloud. Your narration would be recorded and made available to millions of people who otherwise would not be able to enjoy the tomes.