Relaxation Tips for a Big Interview

You’ve finally done it. You stuck to it, and applied for your dream job, and now they want you to come in for an interview. This one interview could make or break your career. The problem is, there’s so much riding on it that you’re a nervous wreck. You know if you show up all nervous you’ll never get the job. What to do?

1. Put a Backup Plan in Place

The fact that so much is hinging on this one interview is making you crazy. Anyone in your place would feel the same. Put a backup plan in place so that in your mind, you know that even if you don’t get this job, there’s another opportunity waiting around the bend. Even if the backup plan isn’t as “perfect,” it still relieves the pressure of this one interview.

2. Wear Something Familiar

Since it’s such a big interview, you’ll want to wear something brand new, right? Wrong! Brand new clothes won’t help you feel comfortable and confident. Instead, choose something to wear that will make you feel relaxed and familiar as you sit there in an unfamiliar environment during your interview. The last thing you want is to feel like you don’t even recognize yourself in the mirror.

3. Carry a Talisman

Okay, not a talisman, exactly, but something that makes you feel rooted and brings back fond memories and makes you feel strong. It could be your grandfather’s gold pocket watch, your little brother’s lucky Iron Man figure, or a lock of hair from your mother. This is called an “anchor” in psychology circles, and it can make you feel centered and focused in an interview environment where you feel unsure of yourself.

Remember that the rest of your life doesn’t really hinge on this  single hour or so. No matter what happens, you’ll be able to move on and get where you want to go in your career.