What To Do During an Interview If You Realise the Job’s Not For You

You are halfway through a job interview and realize that the position you’re discussing is not a fit for you. This can happen if the job posting was unclear or the firm didn’t provide specifics about the responsibilities of the role. Here are some ways to gracefully deal with this situation so that you can still have a positive interview experience.

What To Do If You Like the Company

If you don’t like the specific position for which you’re being interviewed but you’d still like to work for this company, one of these approaches may work:

Let the interviewer know  you feel the position wouldn’t make the best use of your talents. Ask if there is an opportunity to move into a different role after working in this one for a few months.

If you don’t see yourself in this role at all, explain to the manager that you really want to work for the company, but you didn’t fully understand what this role entailed before coming in for the interview. Ask if there are any other opportunities for which you might be considered.

When You Don’t Like the Company and the Role

In this case, explain to the manager that, with a better understanding of the position, it’s not a good fit for you. Then ask them what particular traits they want in a person to fill the role. Let them know that you will send that information out to your network of friends to see if anyone is interested.

These approaches will allow you to come across as a professional as you navigate the situation. This keeps communication channels open. If a more suitable position arises, the hiring managers will be more likely to consider you going forward.