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How to Turn an Old Degree Into a New Career

If you missed the boat on the technology push, you’re probably stuck with a degree that is less than shiny compared to more modern certificates. Instead of studying Information Technology you may have studied Western Literature, which you may think is utterly useless in today’s technology driven world. But here’s how to turn an old […]

How To Optimise Your CV For A Job In Education

Education is a very rewarding field for anyone looking to make a positive difference in the lives of both children and adults.Whether you have been working in education for years or have recently decided to move into this wonderful field, it is important for your curriculum vitae to reflect both your passion and your applicable […]

CV or Interview? Which One is More Important?

When you start down the path of finding a job, the first step usually involves creating a cover letter (CV). It’s through your CV that you can showcase your talents, skills and accomplishments, and hopefully, it will land you an interview. And as everyone knows, nailing an interview is a must in order to get […]