CV or Interview? Which One is More Important?

When you start down the path of finding a job, the first step usually involves creating a cover letter (CV). It’s through your CV that you can showcase your talents, skills and accomplishments, and hopefully, it will land you an interview. And as everyone knows, nailing an interview is a must in order to get the job. So, what’s more important? Your CV or the interview?

Logically, you would think that your CV is more important because without one, you’ll likely miss the mark in terms of persuading hiring managers to invite for you an interview. Don’t be fooled into thinking this false belief because both your CV and the interview are equally as imperative.

The value of a CV

When you submit your CV to a potential employer, this is your first impression. If there are misspelled words, grammar mistakes or if it lacks substance, this will not look good on you.

Even if you don’t have tons of experience related to the job you’re applying for, you still need to outline on your CV any relevant skills. You could also add in that you’re open to being trained and that you’re a quick learner.

The value of an interview

An interview is usually the last piece of the puzzle in terms of landing a job. If you can get the piece to fit, the job is your’s. If the piece doesn’t fit, though, you’ll likely find yourself handing in your CV to other companies in hopes of getting a different interview.

The number one tip to follow in regards to nailing an interview is to be yourself. If you act like someone else, the hiring manager won’t know for sure whether or not you’re a good fit for the company. Not only will this turn out badly for the employer, but it could lead to you landing a job that you’re miserable with.

The Takeaway

CVs and interviews are both equally important. With a good resume, you’ll be more apt to land an interview, which can lead to you landing a great job.