How To Optimise Your CV For A Job In Education

Education is a very rewarding field for anyone looking to make a positive difference in the lives of both children and adults.Whether you have been working in education for years or have recently decided to move into this wonderful field, it is important for your curriculum vitae to reflect both your passion and your applicable career experience.

Highlight All Teaching Experiences

Landing a job in education may seem difficult if you have not worked as a teacher in the past, but other types of experience can prove surprisingly valuable during the job hunt. Examples of applicable experience could include leading seminars, or training employees, teaching Sunday school or mentoring special needs children. Include both paid and unpaid work — most employers look favourably upon volunteer efforts.

Remain Open To Non-Teaching Opportunities In Education

Working in the field of education does not necessarily mean standing up in front of a classroom. Paraprofessionals, playground supervisors, librarians, administrative professionals and cafeteria workers are all needed to keep a school running. If you lack the sufficient certification or experience for a teaching job, consider crafting your CV to highlight your interest in other positions in the education field.

Infuse The CV With A Clear Sense Of Passion

Passion is important in any career field, but it is especially necessary in education. If there is one thing on your CV that should definitely stand out, it is your inherent sense of passion. A great way to incorporate this into a standard CV is to include your educational philosophy in the career summary area.

The ideal education CV should feature all applicable career and educational experiences, as well as a clear sense of passion for this extraordinary field of work. A CV incorporating these elements is more likely to stand out, and thus, more likely to lead to gainful employment.