How to Turn an Old Degree Into a New Career

If you missed the boat on the technology push, you’re probably stuck with a degree that is less than shiny compared to more modern certificates. Instead of studying Information Technology you may have studied Western Literature, which you may think is utterly useless in today’s technology driven world. But here’s how to turn an old degree into a new career.

Make Your Liberal Arts Degree Desirable

Today’s tech degrees represent highly focused areas of study that basically prepare individuals to do one specific job only. Your liberal arts degree, however, enables you to use it in various capacities to suit the needs of the organization. Focus on this on your c.v. State how you have a well-rounded educational background that prepared you to complete a broad range of tasks and gave you a valuable skillset that includes working with people, understanding team dynamics and having a deep sense of the big picture. Those skill sets would make you an ideal candidate for management in many technology firms.

Turn Your Communications Degree Into Marketable Magic

Communications was a popular degree for people back in the day who wanted to follow a broad writing, speaking, literature course list. The result was supposed to be that you could get a job doing almost anything, but that anything usually turned into entry level jobs with glass ceilings. Now, marketing is the new magic degree that can earn you a high salary working in almost any kind of industry. Simply state on your c.v. that your degree is in communications but that your interest is in marketing. Beef up your studies with some night courses in marketing and add those to an “extended learning” paragraph. You’ll be marketing manager in no time.

Never underestimate the power of clever wording and phrasing on your c.v. And never underestimate yourself, even if you don’t have a degree in the latest industry trends.