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4 Times You Should Turn Down a Job Offer

Employer Match 19 July, 2018

No matter how keen you are to get a job, there are certain times when it makes sense to actually turn down a job offer. This sounds counterintuitive, but in the long run, you may be better off in these situations.

You’re Settling For Less Money Than You Need

You may think that some salary is better than no salary. But if you settle for less money than you need, you’ll quickly regret your decision. Soon, every hour you work you’ll be thinking about your measly wages and how it’s not worth it to work there. The message will really sink in when you start coming up short on money to pay bills.

You’ve Heard Awful Rumors

If you read bad reviews about the company online or hear awful rumors from friends who used to work there, you should probably turn the job offer down. Working there will probably make you as miserable as it did everyone else. Why torture yourself?

The Interviewer Made You Uncomfortable

Trust your instincts. If the interviewer made you feel like you were being objectified, chances are they will make you even more uncomfortable after you start working there. Yes, you could report harassment behavior, but if you don’t already work there, why put yourself through that? Instead, seek a job where the interviewer appears to value you for your skills and education, not your physical appearance.

The Commute is Crazy

If the place of work requires a long commute, that’s going to get old very fast. Plus, all that time going back and forth just feels like an extension of your workday. Over time, you’ll just be looking at finding a different job that’s closer to you. And it will be harder to do so because of all the hours out of your day that you're spending commuting. Instead, consider turning down this job and looking nearer to your home for a suitable job.

The more time you spend at a job that you know isn’t going to work, the less time you’ll have finding one that will fulfill all your needs.