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Highlighting Study Abroad Experience On A CV

Employer Match 12 Apr, 2018

Study abroad programs allow students to broaden their horizons while immersing themselves in cultures far different than those they have previously experienced at home. The benefits of study abroad certainly do not end there, for, in addition to a lifetime full of memories, these experiences also offer the perfect punch to an otherwise standard curriculum vitae. If you were fortunate enough to spend time abroad as a college student, be sure to highlight this experience on your CV.

Where To Place Study Abroad Information

Although eager to show off their study abroad experiences, some students remain clueless as to where to place this information. Study abroad details can be included in a variety of CV sections, but many applicants choose to feature it alongside the rest of their college experiences. This could mean listing the study abroad school alongside the college the applicant attended or featuring the experience while highlighting various extracurricular activities. Still others prefer to create a separate section for international experience, which may include the study abroad trip and any other intriguing journeys.

Work And Internships Abroad

Studying abroad is valuable, of course, but some employers are even more interested in applicants who have worked in other countries. Whether you held a part-time job at a local fast food joint or took on a more scholarly internship opportunity, you will definitely want to highlight your international job experience on your CV. Volunteer experiences also make for valuable additions to CVs with highlighted study abroad information.

In today's competitive job market, it is more important than ever to set yourself apart from the competition. One of the easiest ways to do this is to show that you are well-traveled and able to handle any challenge that may come your way. The inclusion of a study abroad experience on your CV will definitely accomplish this lofty goal.