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How to Write Your CV Like an Expert

Employer Match 11 Nov, 2017

Expert CV writing services can be prohibitively expensive. They are worth the money, though, because experts know how to create a CV that will get your application noticed. Here are some expert tips on CV writing that you can use to improve your own chances of getting hired.

Look for Ways To Match Your Past Experience With the Job Requirements

Make your CV focused on your future performance capabilities rather than what you did in the past. Do this by carefully examining the job requirements in the ad, and then tweaking your accomplishments so they imply your abilities to be successful in the new job role. Use words like, “mastered,” “learned,” and “developed” to show how you grew in your previous job.

Don’t Send Your CV as an Attachment

Unless otherwise instructed, submit your CV within the email itself, rather than as an attachment. Emails with attachments have a way of ending up in the spam folder on the recipient’s end, and you don’t want to risk that.

Make Your CV Eye Appealing

Use a minimum of 11-point font in a business case such as Times New Roman. Avoid fancy, unusual or swirly fonts. Avoid using underlines, italics, and graphic images. Your CV should be as business-like as possible. Save your creative juices for when you actually have the job.

Use the Same Keywords as the Job Ad

Today’s employers use digital job filtering services that look for keywords within a CV. If the ad says, “instructor,” don’t use “teacher” or “trainer” in your CV. Use verb keywords, too. Look for instances of words like “proficient” and “certified,” and use them on your CV.

Avoid Vague Terms

Be as specific as possible on your CV. Avoid buzzwords like “people person,” “self-motivated,” and “problem solver.” Instead, use action words like “solved issue of…” or “independently completed….” These express the same skills but also give you the opportunity to talk about specific achievements.