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Is a Career in Truck Driving and Transport for You?

Employer Match 10 Mar, 2018

A job as a truck driver comes with many benefits, including the ability to see the countryside while getting paid to do so. However, the role of truck driver does have its share of challenges and demands. The following are some of the top qualities of the most successful truck drivers.

Safe and Responsible

Safety as a driver is crucial to success. Truck drivers should have a clean driving record and a natural sense of driver safety. They should also have a keen sense of the responsibility they have to their employer, their cargo and the other drivers on the road.

Works Well Independently

Truck drivers must meet deadlines and be able to make decisions independently while out on the road. The qualities of being a motivated self-starter are paramount to this role.

Enjoys Solitude

Truck driving and the transport of goods cross country inevitably requires long stretches of time spent alone. While the advent of technology such as Internet and smartphones have softened the impact of this requirement, drivers should nonetheless have an innate ability to genuinely enjoy solitude, otherwise they likely will not thrive in the job.

Mechanically Inclined

Truck drivers should at a minimum know how their truck operates and be able to address basic maintenance requirements. Ideally, they will be mechanically inclined and able to make repairs and refinements to their truck as needed.


Both physical and mental stamina can assist truck drivers in succeeding at their job. Physical stamina allows for handling repairs and cargo adjustments fluidly, and mental toughness helps truck drivers to effectively address any challenges that might be experienced out on the road.

There are lucrative opportunities in the truck driving and transport industries for those who are qualified. If the traits listed here describe you, then you just might be a fit for one of these appealing jobs.