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Reasons a Professional Headshot Is Non-Negotiable

Employer Match 20 Dec, 2017

If your LinkedIn profile features a selfie, or worse, no image at all, you could be doing yourself a real disservice as you search for work. No longer just for auditioning actors and dancers, headshots show professionals from all industries in their best light. Still not convinced? Read on for a few of the top reasons why a headshot could be critical to job hunt success.

Headshots Convey Professionalism

It doesn’t matter how good your CV looks; a bad photo will instantly land your application in the reject pile. Trying to expand your network? Good luck getting taken seriously if your photo screams unprofessional — and few things look less professional than a cell phone selfie on a LinkedIn profile. A quality headshot will instantly demonstrate that you’re a serious candidate for any position you pursue.

A Good Photographer Can Capture Your Personality

Your smile in a typical amateur photo may look forced, or worse, pained. The right photographer, however, will put you at ease, making it easier to capture your true personality. The goal is for your natural traits to shine through in your headshot, ideally even better than they do in your cover letter or CV.

It Boosts Your Confidence

Worried about sending in your CV or attending an upcoming interview? If you need a quick boost of confidence, seek a headshot from a highly respected photographer. By showing you in your best light, your headshot will increase confidence not only among prospective employers, but also in yourself. It feels good to enter an interview armed with a flattering image.

An excellent headshot could give you the edge you need as you break into a competitive job market. This small investment in yourself will pay huge dividends down the road, so shake off your photography fears and book a session today.