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How Working at a Call Centre Can Help You Become More Well-Rounded

Employer Match 10 November , 2021

You might want to think about going for a call centre job if you've never before worked at one. Call centre jobs are plentiful, and they may offer you an opportunity to grow and become well-rounded. Here's how:

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How to Get Hired After Years Out of the Work Force

Employer Match 13 October , 2021

If you’ve been out of the workforce for a number of years, it’s going to be more difficult to be hired. Employers may assume you aren’t up-to-date on technology, or they may think that you haven’t worked for so long because others didn’t want to hire you. Either way, you need to prove your worth.

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How to Earn a Living Participating in Focus Groups

Employer Match 9 September , 2021

You may want to consider joining a focus group if you've been racking your brain trying to think of some work you can do. Here's some information on focus groups and how you can earn a living by participating in them:

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Creative Ways to Greet Browsing Customers Without Annoying Them

Employer Match 10 August , 2021

Nothing is quite as tense as having to greet customers who seem to be browsing with no intention of buying anything. You don't want to annoy such people, and you don't want to accuse them of trying to shoplift either. These are a few things you can do to get their attention without annoying them or making them angry with you:

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How to Get Promoted in Six Months

Employer Match 12 July , 2021

Some people start jobs knowing that they want to advance right away. If that's you, you'll need to take some steps that will quicken your movement up the totem pole at your place of employment. These are some tips that can help you to advance in your job within six months:

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