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More Employers Are Using Social Media To Screen

Employer Match 12 September, 2018

Employment screening often takes the form of checking professional and personal references. It can also involve a criminal background check and credit report check. However, an increasing number of employers are also taking a look at candidates’ presence on social media.

How would a potential employer view your social media postings? Do you stand by what you’ve said and shared, or might some of it take you out of the running for your ideal job? Surveys have shown the majority of employers are now screening social media accounts of potential candidates. Consider these tips for optimising your presence before embarking on your job search:

Remove Profanity

It’s a good idea to remove any posts that include excessive cursing or profane language, as it can make you look unprofessional to prospective employers.

Correct or Remove Typos and Grammatical Errors

How you write and express yourself can factor in to an employer’s assessment of your social media profile. As much as possible, delete or clean up any areas of your accounts that reflect spelling mistakes, grammatical problems or other errors.

Optimise LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the premier social network for professionals and businesses, so creating and maintaining an account here can be an important element of your social media presence as a job candidate. If you have an existing account, make any required updates to your employment history and other relevant qualifications.

Post with Your Job Search in Mind

Finally, remember that all future postings will factor into your online presence and be viewed by potential employers and networking contacts. Always post with this consideration in mind.

Employment screening is become increasingly more indepth, and job seekers should be aware of all its facets. Optimising social media accounts to impress potential employers will increase your odds of being selected.